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What if I told you….
You can improve your health, build confidence, learn how to stand up for yourself, and make more friends from just one activity?

I’m so happy you’re here! I’ll start by giving you a little information on my background. I am an educator and researcher who developed a deep passion for debate almost a decade ago, thanks to its introduction by a close friend and colleague. She was a high school debater and, frankly, one of the most intelligent individuals I know. What I know now is that she can credit her intelligence to debate.

Let me also admit that I’m partial to verbal intelligence –but the reality is that so is the rest of the world. We congratulate and reward those who can speak up for themselves, those who have good reasoning–we seek their guidance and leadership. Given this reality, why shouldn’t we all be trained to excel in this way? Why is this level of education limited to the privileged few? And why aren’t students being trained at an early age when their minds are malleable and prime to receive that training? These have been the burning questions on my mind. It's what I've chosen to center my academic research on, and it's what I advocate for. Anyone who knows me–knows that I can talk about this subject endlessly.

Well, here's my mission to take action. I've made the decision to share the knowledge I've acquired and share it widely to make it accessible to everyone. This free Ebook marks the beginning of that mission. I hope you enjoy!!!

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