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Easy & Proven Behaviors to Fully Develop and Monetize Your Passion

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The PassionPreneurship


I'm, Dr. Erin Jacques---someone who followed the rules, took the traditional path, attended prestigious graduate and doctoral universities—yet still believes that the ultimate path to true success is following your passions.

Ever curious about the potential lying dormant within you? Imagine embarking on a journey to explore the depths of your passion, uncovering the keys to build a flourishing business and achieve the perfect work-life balance. Find your coziest spot, let's ignite the entrepreneurial fire within, and together, we'll chart a course to financial freedom and say goodbye to the 9-to-5 routine forever.

PassionPreneurship is the #1 podcast focused on helping people who were encouraged to play it safe—

  • in their career choices
  • in their educational experiences
  • and in their ambitions

If you’re looking to unlock and monetize your full potential without the luxury of successful people guiding your path, this podcast will provide tips and strategies by expert entrepreneurs.